TvNet is technically based on recently emerged EOC (Ethernet Over Co-axial) technology. You will enjoy high speed internet through in home cabling of existing Coaxial cable that you have been using to watch TV. Thus, just like its name the TV and the Internet come along the same co-axial cable.

Why TvNet ?
TvNet can deliver very fast internet speed compared to the wireless or wifi technology. Technically, the current infrastructure of TvNet is capable to deliver upto 300 Mbps speed to a customer.

TvNet connection can be installed in a short time avoiding the hassle of extra wiring and thereby complimenting the internet through already installed co-axial cable in your home this also enhances beauty of your home and city with reduced tangling and dangling of cables used for Tv, telephone and Internet.


Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Order
10 Mbps Rs 950 Rs 2850 Rs 5700 Rs 10800 Order Now
20 Mbps Rs 1250 Rs 3600 Rs 6900 Rs 13200 Order Now
30 Mbps Rs 1350 Rs 3900 Rs 7500 Rs 14400 Order Now
Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Order
4 Mbps Rs 1850 Rs 5550 Rs 11100 Rs 22200 Order Now
6 Mbps Rs 2100 Rs 6300 Rs 12600 Rs 25200 Order Now
12 Mbps Rs 3800 Rs 11400 Rs 22800 Rs 45600 Order Now
Terms and Conditions:
  • Above quoted price are exclusive of 13% VAT
  • Security deposit for Router NRs. 1500/- (refundable)
  • Router rental charge- Monthly subscription, Rs. 1000, quarterly subscription Rs. 500, Free for half yearly and yearly subscription
  • Cable Wi-Fi Router will be provided by Websurfer till the contract period
  • Wire charge @ Rs. 25 per meter
  • Valid only for inside Kathmandu Valley