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FTTH Fiber Internet for Business

FTTH Fiber optic cable is becoming one of the fastest growing transmission mediums. Fiber optic cable is favored for applications that need high bandwidth and long distances

Fiber FTTH Service

Fiber Intranet Service - Nation Wide Network

FTTH Business Internet is becoming one of the fastest growing and demanding transmission mediums. Fiber optic cable is favored for applications that need high bandwidth, long distances and complete immunity to electrical interferences and Radio Frequency interferences (RFI). It is ideal for any network that requires the transfer of large, bandwidth consuming data files, particularly over long distances.

WebSurfer offers Intranet/VPN services with Metro Ethernet LAN technology via Fiber Optics Cable or Wireless Radio Modems (or both). Popularity of this type of network and VPN is growing day by day. Specifically all the banks and finance companies are now using such services for their ABBS and other common applications.

FTTH Fiber Connection

FiberNet is an internet connectivity service of WebSurfer. For the FiberNet service, customer will be connected from the nearest Fiber Point Distribution (FPoD) through fiber optics cable. WebSurfer fiber network covers all of the major locations of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Banepa. All the FPoDs have been interconnected to the WebSurfer System in Ring topology. That’s why WebSurfer guarantee uninterruptible connectivity services.


  • High Speed data flowing capability using Fiber.
  • An “always on” connection
  • Ideal for Inter branch networking
  • Good for Interference free and attenuation free broadband internet link
  • Good for high bandwidth through put.
  • Available within Kathmandu Valley.
  • No need of telephone line
  • Faster downloading/uploading
  • Available anywhere nationwide


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